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MINI Connected.

Seamless innovation, inside and out.

MINI Connected allows you to synch your mobile device with your car and now includes the Alexa intelligent assistant so that you can easily access your favourite entertainment services and receive messages on the move. You can also use MINI Connected both in and outside your car to organise your day, plan a trip and get real time traffic information.

WHAT IS MINI CONNECTED??Find out how MINI Connected will improve your driving experience.

HOW DOES IT WORK??Explore the specific features that come with MINI Connected.

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What is MINI Connected?

The MINI Connected App lets you keep an extension of your MINI in your pocket. Interact with your car and your surroundings, and stay connected wherever the road leads you.


Mini Connected

The new MINI App is the latest digital product from MINI and you can be one of the first users to access its features. With a clear focus on user experience, design and stability. The new MINI app offers an intuitive tool to interact with your MINI. The new MINI App will continue to receive software updates over the coming weeks, further enhancing the experience.

How does Mini Connected work?

Frequently asked questions.

For which MINI models is MINI Connected available?

MINI Connected is available for all current MINI series models. MINI Connected was introduced in September 2010. It is not available for any MINI models built before this model update.

I can't find any of the MINI Connected functions in my MINI.

The MINI Connected functions can be found under the MINI Connected menu entry. Before you can display the functions, your smartphone must be connected to your MINI, and the MINI Connected app must have been launched. In addition, further entertainment functions can be found in the CD/Multimedia and Radio menus. Similarly, these menus are only displayed when the smartphone is connected to the vehicle and the app has been launched.

Where can I obtain an update for my MINI Connected app?

Updates for the MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL app can be obtained via the normal update process of your App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I reset my MINI Connected password?

To request a password reset choose "Forgot your password?" on the login screen in the MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL Journey Mate app. If you are already logged in you will have to log out at [Info][Settings][Account settings][Log out] to change your password. Please note that some personal settings may be lost after you log out.

What can I do if audio MINI Connected isn’t working?

MINI Connected is only able to play audio via cable connection or the snap-in adapter. Not via Bluetooth? audio (A2DP). Please ensure that Bluetooth? audio is disabled while using MINI Connected. Bluetooth? audio can be disabled manually in the phone settings in your vehicle.

None of the online applications of MINI Connected or MINI Connected XL work.

Please check that the Flight Mode option on your smartphone is disabled.

In a foreign country: Data roaming is usually disabled. Please bear in mind that enabling data roaming may incur substantial additional costs.

Even? after connecting my smartphone and launching the MINI Connected app, I can't find any of the MINI Connected functions.

In the event of an unexpected response, it is recommended that you unplug the smartphone and reconnect it and also relaunch the MINI Connected app. If the unexpected response persists, switch the smartphone off and on. If the problem persists after taking these steps, you should carry out a reset of your smartphone. If no MINI Connected functions are displayed after this has been carried out, we recommend that you perform the self-diagnosis contained in the app, as described in the Owners Handbook.

How do I get Amazon Alexa on my MINI connected?

Open the MINI Connected app on your phone (make sure you have the latest version installed and that it’s connected via Bluetooth). Go to the ‘Hub’ section. Select Alexa App. You’ll then be walked through a series of steps on screen to complete set up. If Alexa doesn’t display for you then make sure MINI Services are updated. To do that select MINI Connected from the menu on the infotainment system in your MINI. Push the option button next to the rotary controller. Then click on ‘Update MINI Services’.

Amazon Alexa is available on models with Navigation Plus, produced from November 2018 onwards.

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